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About Therapy

How is Pride Counseling Different?

Many gay and lesbian people, either in the closet or out, approach mental health counseling with some trepidation. Stereotypes about homosexuality creep into a therapist‘s office and can impact the process of change for the client. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning people should not have to wonder about their therapist‘s capacity to understand their lifestyle.

In addition, court-ordered therapy is usually designed for heterosexuals and fail to ethically address valid concerns for gays and lesbians. Often clients feel on the outside looking in while participating in these programs. Gay clients should not have to educate their therapist about their mindset or validate their lifestyle.

Pride Counseling offers a safe, discrete and relevant alternative, an unprecedented holistic healing center that eliminates the potential therapist/client barrier of differing sexual orientation.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, Native American, Buddhist, reality, or environment-based approach to healing and a new life, Pride Counseling will find the best fit for your specific needs. Pride Counseling‘s goal is to provide affirmative, ethical services and referrals to the Salt Lake City and Utah GLBTQ community.

What does LGBTQ stand for?

Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and/or Queer. Take your pick! (The PCP [politically-correct police] are everywhere…)


Do you work with Heterosexual or Straight Clients?

Absolutely, in fact many of our clients are heterosexual and often comment that Pride Counseling facilitates a more open and affirming environment for them as well. We promote and market to the LGBTQ community but are open to all clients interested in our services.


How can Group Counseling be helpful?

The great thing about Group Counseling is that you get to hear real stories from people going through problems just like you. You’ll get honest and relevant feedback, learn new ways of doing things. Best of all, sometimes other people come up with ideas and solutions that you may never have thought of.

Over time you begin to trust the group with your problems and open up to new perspectives and ways of doing things.


Is Private/Couple’s Counseling Available?

Yes, private and/or couple’s counseling is also available and encouraged when privacy, discretion, and one-on-one interaction is desired.


What are the fees, and is insurance coverage available?

Call the office at 801.595.0666 for fee pricing. Many insurance coverage plans are available; the full list is here.

Gay Men’s Support

In the gay community there are certain limitations with meeting other gay men and discussing issues relevant to gay life in Utah. This weekly support group is meant to facilitate a process in which gay men can intimately discuss issues relevant to their lives with other gay men.

Issues discussed have included:

  • Coming Out to self, family, friends and co-workers
  • Should I come out and how do I come out
  • Sexuality
  • Sexuality and spirituality
  • Exploring Spiritual options that include the essences of my sexuality
  • The undiscovered gifts of being gay
  • Relationship issues
  • Isolation and how to connect and make friends in the community
  • Dealing with family and friends in the coming out process
  • Defining oneself as a gay man, and determining how to keep integrity with those things valued by the individual, and being true to self

The group is meant to be a forum that is motivated by the needs of the group. Each group takes on the identity of the participants, and topics are generated by the group culture and interest.

The overall objective is to build the intimacy and trust necessary that facilitates true growth in the interpersonal process. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum in which gay men can feel empowered to define their lives outside cultural expectations and pressures.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Gay Men’s Support Group . There will be an initial assessment prior to coming to group. This assessment involves introductory paperwork and discussion of the group process. If group therapy is not of interest to you, we do have individual sessions available.

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