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Healthy Self Expressions

Throughout the gay community gay men and men having sex with men have met in public environments such as parks, public restrooms and other public venues in order to meet other men for sex. Often these men are arrested for disorderly conduct and lewdness. Historically the courts have referred these men to therapy or sex offender therapy. Men who resort to public sex environments are lonely, isolated, confused about their sexuality, or not sure how to meet other men. Finding effective therapeutic support around these issues can be difficult. Many men find themselves addicted to this behavior, yet are looking for other viable options.

The Healthy Self-Expressions program is how Pride Counseling is responsibly addressing the issues of public sex environments while providing the courts a therapeutic option that works. The program is coordinated through the Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Services , and includes a clinical assessment, 5-week Men’s Group process and three individual sessions (8 weeks total). The group defines what the discussion topics as long as it pertains to the criminal offense. Frequently defined issues have included:

  • HIV Education and Prevention. (Required)

  • Discussion on sexual identity and healthier ideas of what and how this can be expressed   Cycle of behavior and understanding why men resort to public sex environments
  • Clarity around sexual boundaries and legalities
  • Empathy and understanding around the community impact of public sex behaviors

  • Relationship development and strategies for accessing community resources

Lawyers, judges, prosecutors and interested clients may seek information from

Jerry Buie

MSW, LCSW, Director of Pride Counseling



Kindness is curbing gay cruising

S.L. police report progress with a therapeutic approach: Jerry Buie interviewed

By Derek Jensen, Deseret Morning News

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