Our Mission

Pride Counseling’s Mission

Pride Counseling is dedicated to providing LGBTQ client’s quality counseling services in a LGBTQ friendly environment. We provide services to all people honoring all who seek quality counseling services.


Gay & Gay-Friendly Therapists for LGBTQ Clients

Many gay and lesbian people, either in the closet or out, approach mental health counseling with some trepidation. Stereotypes about homosexuality creep into a therapist‘s office and can impact the process of change for the client. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning people should not have to wonder about their therapist‘s capacity to understand their lifestyle.


In addition, court-ordered therapy is usually designed for heterosexuals and fail to ethically address valid concerns for LGBTQ clients. Often clients feel on the outside looking in while participating in these programs. Gay clients should not have to educate their therapist about their lives.


Pride Counseling offers a safe, discrete and relevant alternative, an unprecedented holistic healing center that eliminates the potential therapist/client barrier of differing sexual orientation. Gay and Gay-Friendly therapists working with GLBTQ clients make the difference.


Whether you are looking for a traditional, Native American, Buddhist, reality, or environment-based approach to healing and a new life, Pride Counseling will find the best fit for your specific needs. Pride counseling‘s goal is to provide affirmative, ethical services and referrals to the Salt Lake City and Utah GLBTQ community.


What about Heterosexual or Straight Clients?


Pride Counseling seeks to provide a safe and affirming counseling experience with anyone who seeks our services.  Due to the unique needs of the LGBTQ community we seek to increase our visiablity with this community through our marketing efforts hence the name and information.  ALL CLIENTS are welcome to seek services, including our heterosexual friends and allies as well as all gender expressions and identities are welcomed.

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