Our Mission

Pride Counseling is dedicated to providing LGBTQ clients quality counseling services in a LGBTQ friendly environment. We provide services to all people honoring all who seek quality counseling services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pride Counseling different?

Many LGBTQ people, either in the closet or out, approach mental health counseling with some trepidation. Stereotypes about sexual orientation and Gender Identity creep into a therapist’s office and can impact a person’s process of change.. It can be challenging to find a place for therapy where you feel safe. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning people should not have to wonder about their therapist’s capacity to understand their lives.

In addition, court-ordered therapy is usually designed for heterosexuals and fails to ethically address valid concerns for LGBTQ clients. Often clients feel on the outside looking in while participating in these programs. LGBTQ clients should not have to educate their therapist about their mindset or validate their lives with their therapist.

Pride Counseling offers a safe, discrete, and relevant alternative; an unprecedented holistic healing center that eliminates the potential therapist/client barrier of differing sexual orientation or gender identity.

Pride Counseling’s goal is to provide affirmative, ethical services and referrals to the Salt Lake City and Utah LGBTQ community.

What does LGBTQ stand for?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and/or Queer.

Do you work with heterosexual (straight) clients?

Absolutely. In fact many of our clients are heterosexual and have said that Pride Counseling facilitates a more open and affirming environment for them as well.

Pride Counseling seeks to provide a safe and affirming counseling experience with anyone who seeks our services.  Due to the unique needs of the LGBTQ community we seek to increase our visibility with this community through our marketing efforts.

ALL CLIENTS are welcome to seek services, including our heterosexual friends and allies as well as all gender expressions and identities.

How can group counseling be helpful?

The great thing about group counseling is that you hear real stories from people going through problems just like you. You’ll get honest and relevant feedback and learn new ways of doing things. Best of all, sometimes other people come up with ideas and solutions that you have never thought of.

Over time you begin to trust the group with your problems and open up to new perspectives and ways of doing things.

Is private/couple’s counseling available?

Yes, private and/or couple’s counseling is also available and encouraged when privacy, discretion, and one-on-one interaction is desired.

What are the fees, and is insurance coverage available?

Call the office at 801.595.0666 for fee pricing. Many insurance coverage plans are available.

Meet Jerry

Jerry has been providing counseling services since 1994 when he graduated from the University of Utah College of Social Work. Jerry’s work experience includes working for the Department of Corrections, Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment (ISAT) Center, Division of Child and Family Services, and Olympus View Hospital. He is currently a full time Assistant Professor/ Lecturer at the University of Utah College of Social Work.

Jerry’s clinical experience has provided him with an eclectic background in working with clients with a diversity of needs. He has presented throughout the State of Utah and nationally on a variety of social work and clinical issues. He has been providing therapy to the LGBTQ community since 1996 and has addressed issues such as sexuality, identity, relationships, conflict resolution, spirituality and religion, as well as coming out and gender related issues. He has served on vast boards and consulted in a variety of issues including Sage Utah, Naraya Culture Preservation Council and currently with Reconciliation and Growth.

Jerry is a husband, father, grandfather educator and community advocate. Integrated into Jerry’s practice is his sense of spiritual awareness and understanding that we are all unique and carry great potential. Jerry has traveled the world with a unique interest in shamanic paths of healing among indigenous communities and trusting in an eclectic appreciation of world views on spirituality.

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