It is interesting to me how homosexuality has been perceived by the world in which I contribute. Somehow homosexuality has been aligned as society’s foe.

When a gay person is requesting the privilege to marry they are construed as wanting “special privileges.”

If I ask for protection from bullies who would brutalize or kill me because I am gay my political representatives ignore my pleads for protections.

I am Matthew Shepherd.

Recently I viewed a documentary portraying the drama of segregation in the South and the battles regarding segregation. I was struck with what obvious texture the movie portrayed the bigotry and prejudices that fostered these brutalities. In researching the Holocaust one is appalled at the prejudices that fueled this disaster.

Has society learned its lessons?

As a gay man I am insulted that mainstream society cannot get past the activities of my bedroom to appreciate the lens in which I view life. My life is summarized as a “lifestyle choice” and dismissed.

K.D. Lang

I propose we take a legitimate inventory regarding the contributions of homosexuals. By making the issue personal, perhaps we can deal with reality versus outdated stereotypes. How can we make this personal for society?

My proposition.

Consider for a moment the impact to society if for one week the world was deprived the contributions that homosexuality has and continues to make to the world.


A homosexual boycott.

Straight society wants to get rid of us, so gay society shall disappear for one week and take with us all the contributions we have made to society.

Would we be missed ? Let us examine the ramifications of such a boycott. The first place to clear out would be the museums of art.

I am Leonardo DiVinci and with me I take the paintings of “The Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa” and my influence of the renaissance era.

I am Michelangelo and with me I take my sculpture of David and the paintings you so admire at the Sistine Chapel.

I am the eccentric Andy Warhol. I take my music.

I am K.D. LangMelissa Etheridge and Liberace.

My musicals include “The Lion King” “Rent”“Cabaret” and “Victor/Victoria”. I have encouraged you to sing, dance and cry with my songs and lyrics.

I am pop sensations Boy GeorgeGeorge Michael and RuPaul.

I am the music of Joan BaezJosephine Baker and Aaron Copeland and now they are gone.

I am Tchaikovsky and my contributions of Swan Lake and the Nutcracker are but memories.

I am your chef, daycare provider, maid and bellhop. I am your artist, musician, poet, playwright and writer.

With me I take “The Glass Menagerie”“A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. I am Tennessee Williams.

Walt WhitmanOscar WildeGertrude SteinWilliam Shakespeare and Virginia Wolf. Our works are the fiber of our culture and are now gone.

I’m your nurse, doctor, social worker and psychologist. I help you diagnose, correct and function at your best.

I sing the songs that make you sad, happy and rejoice. I interpret music with dance. And I create.

I create fantasy, history, and memories.

I am activist Harry Hay, Black Civil rights leader Bayard Rustin who organized the civil rights march on Washington in 1963 with Dr. Martin Luther King, and I am presidential aide Keith Boykin.

We will have to rewrite sports in our boycott.

I am Pro Football star David Kopay. I am tennis champions Martina Navrátilová and Billy Jean King. I am Glenn Burke and play professional baseball. I am former umpire Dave Pallone.


Harry Hay


I workout in your gyms and spas. I am pro body builder Bob Paris and Olympic Swimmer

Bruce Hayes. I dove for the gold. I am Olympic diver Greg Louganis.

I am your father. Mother, Brother and Sister. I am your child and creation.

I dress your hair, do your makeup, and help with your travel plans. I decorate and demolish.

I am your cop, ambulance driver, and firefighter. Perhaps I may have saved your life? I am your spiritual guide, clergy, and choir director.

I work for your state and federal agencies.

I am your elected official and representatives.

I am the Mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts Kenneth Reeves, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and Congress representatives Barney FrankTammy Baldwin and Gerry Studds. I am Federal Judge Deborah Batts.

Believe it or not, I have morals and can be outraged just as you can be.

I cook your dinner and serve your beverage. I drive your bus. I tend bar and drive you home in my cab.

I help you with wardrobe selections and you often pick my fashions. I am your neighbor and your friend.

Your portrayals of me in film can be at times insightful but often insulting and stigmatizing. I worry that you will believe what you see.

I am not always obvious to pick out of a room.


I am frustrated what news agencies reflect about me is always tilted to what is sensational verses what is true and honest.

I am more than a rule or a morality infraction. I am passionate and I live life.

I am a living and breathing being and creation. I am part of the Great Wheel of life.

I vote and am offended by injustice. I am deeply betrayed when my elected officials fail to respond to my interest because I am perceived as an insignificant minority.

I am not a choice, I am human.

I am one out of ten.

I pray to God, enjoy life, and love deeply.

Regardless of what others say, my relationships can be deeply rewarding, fulfilling and long-term.

When you petition courts to act against my rights I am offended, hurt, and confused. When you beat me politically or physically I bleed.

Your laws against my right to legally marry or be protected from loosing my job are confusing.

We share the same God and Creator. Think about my contributions.

You enjoy them everyday.

I protect my country in the military, I am Naval Officer Keith Meinhold Joseph Steffan and National Guard Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer . I honor the flag, sing the anthem, and raise my children.

I am white, Black, Asian, Polynesian, and Native American, male and female.

I teach your children in school, sell you flowers, build your homes, and direct your traffic. Believe it or not I am everywhere.

Perhaps if my skin were Lavender you would recognize me better, but suffice I am everywhere, and my lens on life is a contributing factor in your life.

I make you laugh; my name is Ellen DegeneresLea DeLaria and Sandra Bernhardt. The world cried with me when Lady Diana was laid to rest, I am Elton John.

I pay taxes.

Imagine if I boycotted for one week. Would you miss me?

Would your life be different?

In some form or another your life has been impacted in the way I see the world. I am waiting for you to do what is right.

I am proud of who I am.

I am proud of what I do. I have Pride in who I am.


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